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Texture link

The finished texture can be downloaded here:

Use is quite universal now. 🙂 can be used in any of your aurvival worlds, although i do not reccomend this for modern builds, as things like redbrick and other items have been replaced with more rustic style blocks.

Texture changes for 2.0

Here are the edits i made to make my texture compatable with 2.0 + some miac changes.

Firstly, i made the painted basalt texture into the lava texture. I’m not sure yet, but it looks quite convincing and i may want to use it for faking some kind of trap or something. I tried doing water for gravel, but it just looked fake.

I also returned the iron block to a more natural texture, and used another painted block for the bookshelf. A mice side effect is that the pale cyan painted bookshelf looks quite dirty, so could be used in a swamp or something along those lines.

The piston was a simple edit, using the trapdoor and bedrock textures. (i really like using bedrock in textures)

For the kegs, i decided to change both. I made the original keg the same but added planks to the design, amd for the other incendiary keg i used bedrock instead for a more toughened feel.

I have plans to put my hay texture on a painted block and returning sandstone to its original texture, so the texture can be used in ordinary survival worlds. 

Edit: here is the kelp and seagrass

Realistic Mineshafts

Gone are the days of trying to impersonate minecraft’s mineshaft design in survivalcraft. With the new addition of furniture, i was able to design a few blocks that resemble a real life mineshaft very closely. I think it looks quite cool. It will be a big job to replace every single part of the mineshaft with them, but it will be worth it 🙂

I have also made a model mayan pyramid using furniture. It was literally just touching the 300 triangle barrier! I’m not sure what the use could be, but its still quite cute 😀

Some other ideas about furniture i have had: rope bridges, statues, rocks, and some others that will require research 🙂

As for the terraforming side, i’m waiting for things to become simpler to do in survivalcraft, i’m confident kaalus will soon implement some kind of copypaste or something of the like. There is also an extensive sc editor being worked on in the forum. Basically i’m not prepared to get stuck into terrain, but i am busy editing all of the structures etc.

Recommend three blocks for me?

I’m editing the xandazoris texture and realized, since SC now has even more painted blocks, they have no texture! I could just copy the blocks across but that would be boring 😀 I have three blocks that I can make into furniture or cool stone ornaments or whatever. The white painted versions of these just show the pure texture, which is why I can make 3 differentblocks.

Any suggestions? I could port the bookshelf from the iron block over to one of them and return the iron texture to the block 🙂